It's a new Day! It's a new Dawn ! It's a new Life! And we're feeling GOOD

It's a new Day! It's a new Dawn ! It's a new Life!
And we're feeling GOOD

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shae's birthday, and McCall's dancing!

 Cheers to Shae for being 31! Just so you all know, J.D. is the only one who remembered Shae's birthday, says Shae. But the fam went over to Shae's apartment to celebrate her birthday with a tremendous bbq at which we were all afraid to partake of the food... Here we are trying to eat at least somewhat of a hamburger.

 Cute Shae getting her nails done by Lexi with her new nail polish she got for her birthday. She sure loves getting beautified! I absolutely love this picture of her though. What a beautiful girl she really is. Happy Birthday Shae!
 Here's the Birthday girl! She had her place decorated with balloons and streamers all over the place. The sad part.. she wasn't even excited to see the decorations. But I'm sure she was still super happy about it deep down. We got to see her room full of pictures from friends and family. So keep sending those pictures in folks cuz it sure makes her happy! We also got to play pin the tail on the donkey. Shae, with that sense of humor of hers, cheated almost every single time. She tried her best to peak through the blind fold in order to get the tail in the right place. That little stinker. Gotta love her tho!

 McCall did a fantastic job at her performance at the State Fair. Amazing what she does and how hard she works to be such an amazing dancer! Lydia was a hoot to watch because she was right up in front trying to keep up with her mom's dancing.

Here's the cutest couple of all time! Our own mom and dad. Yep, the one who brought us all into existence. They took this picture at aubry's reception. Such a beautiful place. Ps. it was Lexi's brilliant idea to take a picture in this archway. ;)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Calvin came to visit

old picture but still cracks me up!!
                                                                                                My new favorite toy.                                           Who are these people? I want out of here! Help where's my daddy?

                  Yes mommy grandma made sure I wouldn't get my clothes dirty when I ate. No bib so no shirt!

Lex curled my hair. Awesome                                                                My tired boy finally fell asleep.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy BIrthday mom I miss you so so Much!!!!!!! And happy Easter


Ha It worked, peaking through grandmas blinds while they hid the eggs and I found them all! (seriously that's what she did.ha! so cute)

I'm telling you those red pants are all the new rage.

All you need is balloons filled with paint and some darts and that equals loads of fun!!!!

Off to school in their Easter outfits... well kind of, I've seen that on Parks before.